Disease outbreak feared in Libya

Gunfire and blasts echoed in Libyan capital Tripoli herald the outbreak of an epidemic. The World Health Organization, WHO, says it fears an outbreak of infectious diseases linked to poor water quality, among thousands of people fleeing their homes. The United Nations agency is particularly concerned about the significant population displacements caused by the Friday’s gunfire. WHO Spokesman, Tarik Jasarevic said, “WHO is working with local health authorities to pre-position and provide equipment to hospitals. We treat those who need medical treatment. Obviously, with the situation worsening, we fear new health problems, such as epidemics as people are on the move and being driven out of their homes.” On Friday, the WHO estimated that 75 people have died and 323 others wounded since the beginning of hostilities weeks ago. The casualties include seven civilians killed and 10 wounded.Source:africannews

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