Adam Catzavelos Heads To NDPP Over Crimen Injuria Case

Racist Adam Catzavelos is now approaching the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) regarding the jurisdiction of South African law on his crimen injuria charge, as he made the inflammatory comments while in Greece.

Last year, a video went viral when Catzavelos posed on camera on a Greek island giving a parody weather report, where he used the k-word to describe how there were no black people on the beach.

Lawley Shein questioned whether the NDPP had any jurisdiction to prosecute his client Catzavelos, since the racist comment was not made on South African soil.

Outside court, he told the media that what Catzavelos said in his video in Greece was a total disgraceful.

Catzavelos tried his best to avoid the media spotlight. But after proceedings, his lawyer urged him to make a short statement to a few journalists, where he stated that he was embarrassed by his own actions.

“In my moment of madness I had last year, I am completely embarrassed and utterly ashamed at what I did and what I said.”

The case has been postponed to 10 July.


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