Conservative leadership: Ballot papers being counted after first round of voting closes – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the first round of voting in the Tory leadership contest

While we are waiting for the results, you might enjoy this Twitter thread from my colleague Marina Hyde.

I am looking again Boris’s novel 72 Virgins (that’s the title not the readership). Sex between two characters is described as the man “do[ing] that wonderful thing to her again”.

Another character is “an alpha male so alpha he’d have been awarded a congratulatory first by the examiners in Advanced Virility … He simply had the right stuff exploding from every orifice. In fact his machismo was so intense he was sometimes considered a danger to himself.”

Delighted to have voted for my friend. When it comes to leadership, the man/woman has to meet with the moment. In this moment it’s clear: time to get this man into No.10.

From the Sun’s Steve Hawkes

Heavy spinning by the leadership camps. Team Boris saying they’ll get 90 and Jeremy Hunt has got his vote out. Team Jeremy saying they’ll be happy to match Michael Gove.

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